Optional Email Account for Staff on the Student Office 365 (O365)

In CityU, email service for staff and email service for students (and alumni) are based on Microsoft Office 365 (O365), however, the two services reside on separate environments. By default, all current staff have accounts on the Staff O365 (, and all current students and alumni have accounts on the Student O365 (

If you want to access your primary staff O365 account, please go back to Email Services home page and click " (Office 365 for staff)" under "Web Logon to" in "Staff" cloumn.

If you wish to separate your office/work emails from that for teaching/communication with students, you may raise a CSC Work Request via your department to request for creating a separate account on the Student O365 as your optional staff account, then:

  • At the CityU O365 Sign-in page, enter your account in full format as
    <YourEID>, as the example shown below:

You can click this link to go to the O365 Sign-in Page now:

(same as

The use of the above Email services is governed by the University's "Policy on Use of IT Services and Facilities".