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CityU Email Service for Staff on Microsoft Office 365 (O365)

In CityU, email service for staff and email service for students/alumni are based on Microsoft Office 365 (O365), however, the two services reside on separate environments. By default, all current staff have accounts on the Staff O365 (@cityu.edu.hk) and can log in via any web browsers as follows:

At the Staff O365 Sign-in page, please enter your CityU Staff O365 account in the following format:

   <Your-EID>@um.cityu.edu.hk   (NOT <Your-EID>@cityu.edu.hk)

Then, click [ Next ] to enter your account password, and then click [ Sign in ] to logon your account, as shown below:



You can click this link to go to the Staff O365 Sign-in Page now: