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CityU Email Service for Student/Alumni on Microsoft Office 365 (O365)

Important Notes:

  • At the O365 Sign-in page, please enter your CityU O365 account name (for logon) in the following format

       <EID>-c@ad.cityu.edu.hk           (NOT your email address <EID>-c@my.cityu.edu.hk)

    Eg. If your EID is cctom2, your O365 account name for logon is cctom2-c@ad.cityu.edu.hk.

    What are my O365 Account Name (for logon), Password and Email Address?

  • Click [ Next ] to enter your password, then click [ Sign in ] to logon your email account, shown as below.

  • If you have any logon questions, DO NOT click on "Forgot my password". Please contact CSC Service Counter at 4/F, AC2 (Tel:3442 8340) or send email to csc@cityu.edu.hk.


You can click this link to go to O365 Sign-in page now: