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University Email Service for Staff on Microsoft Office 365 (O365)

In CityU, email service for staff and email service for students (and alumni) are based on Microsoft Office 365 (O365), however, the two services reside on separate environments. By default, all current staff have accounts on the Staff O365 and can log in via any web browsers as follows:

At the Staff O365 Sign-in page, please enter your CityU Staff O365 account in the following format:

   <Your-EID>@um.cityu.edu.hk   (NOT <Your-EID>@cityu.edu.hk)

Then, click [ Next ] to enter your account password, and then click [ Sign in ] to logon your account, as shown below:


You may click this link to go to the Staff O365 Sign-in Page: http://mail.office365.com/cityu.edu.hk