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What should I do if I receive a mail with the subject "[Warning] Your mailbox is now 93% full" from Postmaster?

When you receive a message like the following one, it indicates that your mailbox size has exceeded 90% (say) of the assigned quota. You should clean up your mail as soon as possible, otherwise, problems will exist in delivering new mail to you when your mailbox is 100% full.

Subject: [Warning] Your mailbox is now 93% full
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 04:03:32 +0800
From: Mail Administrator <>

* IMPORTANT: If most disk space is occupied by messages inside the *
*    the "Trash" or "DELETED" folder of your mailbox. you MUST     *
*    DELETE them to free up your space.                            *
* PLEASE READ the mail content for more detailed information.      *

Dear user ccuser00,

Please kindly note that your Mailbox is now 93% FULL. Please see the
details below.

Disk Quota Assigned for your Mailbox: 5120 (kb)
Current Usage of your Mailbox: 4779 (kb)

Disk Usage Details of your Mailbox:
Space Folders
Used in your Mailbox
------- -------------------------
 4428KB user/ccuser00/INBOX
   75KB user/ccuser00/CHKVIRUS
    0KB user/ccuser00/DELETED
    0KB user/ccuser00/Drafts
    0KB user/ccuser00/OUTBOX
    0KB user/ccuser00/Sent
   47KB user/ccuser00/TEMP
  213KB user/ccuser00/TEST
   13KB user/ccuser00/TestLabel
    0KB user/ccuser00/Trash

Total Space Used: 4779 (kb) = 93% of Assigned Disk Quota.

Please FIRST CHECK AGAIN your detailed mailbox quota usage with the
"Quota & Account Profile" function from the "CityU Email Service"
(Please visit for
more detailed information.)

Please DISCARD this message if you found your mailbox quota usage has
already resumed normal (less than 90% full).

Otherwise, please CHECK if most disk space of your mailbox is occupied
by messages inside the "Trash" or "DELETED" folder. If it is the case, please
delete messages in these folders to free up the space.

Please visit the following web page for more details on releasing your
mailbox quota:

Please note that there might be problems in delivering email to you
when your mailbox is 100% FULL! Please action now.

Thank you for your attention.

Postmaster (Mail Administrator)


Procedure to release your mail quota:

  1. Firstly, please check your detailed quota usage by selecting the "Quota & Account Profile" option from the Email Services page. It will show the quota usage in each of your mail folders.

  2. You can clean up your old mail messages and release your mail quota by using WebMail 2.0 (especially when most of your quota is used by the "Trash" or " DELETED" folder).  For details please click here.


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